Occupational Therapy

  • Develop purposeful movement with sensory and motor based activities.

  • Develop fine motor, gross motor, visual motor skills.

  • Integrate activities of daily living. 

Letterboard Coaching

  • Individual sessions to develop motor skills to accurately point to letters on a letterboard.

  • Communication partner (CP) coaching sessions to improve skills between client and CP.

  • Virtual Zoom coaching.


  • Individual or group exercise to focus on strength, coordination, endurance, balance and agility.

  • Consult and develop home programs.

  • Educate caregivers on prompts, modifications and adaptations for movement in alternative settings.

Minds in Motion Movement Package

This package, regularly priced at $300/month, is on sale for $150/month between now and May 1st as an introductory price during this time.


 8 Zooms and

12 workouts a month!

  • A 3 day fitness plan each week built for athletes to do at home with minimal equipment needed.

  • A cheat sheet for the week that will include prompts, modifications and adaptations to use at home with your athlete.

  • "How To Do" video demonstrations for coaches to watch prior to working with their athlete so they can better understand the exercise movement patterns.

  • Movement Tracker to help hold athletes accountable.

  • Live Zooms set at a predetermined time for interactive exercise sessions.



Fees & Payment

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