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Minds in Motion App - COMING SOON!!

  • An app created for neurodivergent athletes, families and professionals to use at home and with clients.

  • Customized programs, demo videos for exercises, activities to develop movement skills (i.e. balance, eye hand coordination, crossing midline, etc), ways to prompt the body through movement and exercise and examples of progressions and modifications that can be used to help athletes master the movement patterns.

  • Recommendations for equipment and tools that can be used to help athletes.

  • This app will provide tips and tricks to help support your athlete to develop better fitness habits and understand how to teach movement patterns.

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Occupational Therapy

  • Develop purposeful movement and skills with sensory and motor based activities.

  • Develop fine motor, gross motor, visual motor skills.

  • Integrate activities of daily living. 


Letterboard Coaching

  • Individual sessions to develop motor skills to accurately point to letters on a letter board.

  • Communication and regulation partner (CRP) coaching sessions.



  • Individual or group exercise to focus on strength, coordination, endurance, balance and agility.

  • Consult and develop home programs.

  • Educate caregivers on prompts, modifications and adaptations for movement in alternative settings.


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